Alberta Solar 1

Hays, Alberta, Canada.

  • Total installed capacity: 30 MW
  • Project Location: Hays Hamlet, Alberta; Canada
  • Single Axis Tracking
  • Total production first year: 49,105 MWh/year.
  • Total production over 40 years: 1,682,863 MWh
  • CO2 emissions avoided: 891,917 tCO2e

Project Description

  • The Hays Solar project is located in southeastern Alberta, approximately 3.7 mi south of the hamlet of Hays. The project has a projected capacity of 30 MW.
  • The Project has a land option and long-term surface lease agreement on 125 acres of lands with Bow River Irrigation District.
  • The Project is in the interconnection process with Fortis Alberta and has completed a distribution connection high level study.
  • The 30MW generation facility would require 3.3 mi of distribution lines.
  • The projected COD date is projected for Q4 2023.